Greek Language Courses

To whom they are addressed

Kazali Greek Language Courses are addressed to foreign (false) beginner, intermediate or advanced level foreign learners.

What we provide

Taking into account the individual needs of our students, our method is a combination of educational approaches. We combine grammar teaching with the active involvement of the student in real everyday communication. Oral discourse is our top priority by holding discussions of news topics.


The duration of our courses per level is 5-6 months (four hours per week). All language skills are covered: written/oral production and comprehension.
Before we start, a diagnostic test is provided, if necessary, to classify each student in the appropriate level. Greek language is used in all levels from the first lesson.

Beginners Course

The course is addressed to students with little or zero knowledge of Greek and deepens their daily communication. At the same time, basic grammar rules are taught (explained in English where necessary). Students, upon the completion of the course, are able to communicate at a basic level, in everyday life.

Intermediate Course

The course is addressed to students with basic knowledge who wish to further develop their skills. At this level, topics and texts of a wide variety of communication are taught. The student actively participates through dialogues, presentations and role plays. By the end of this course, most of grammar rules will have been covered. Communication proficiency is also achieved in a variety of everyday situations.

Advanced course

The course is addressed to students with an advanced level of Greek aiming to master their language skills. We analyze texts of history, society and culture, commenting and arguing in the classroom. At this level grammar and especially vocabulary are enriched through presentations by the students themselves. Upon completion of the course, the student comes to an excellent knowledge of the language. It is expected to communicate successfully in any situation.

    • Beginners +, Intermediate + courses can also be created based on the needs of our students.
    • Greek Language Certificate preparation of all levels is provided.
    • An attendance certificate is also provided upon completion of each class